VCU Museum - by Zakia Williams


VCU is a young, thriving university. Although it is colored with prestigious history, many stories remain buried. Varied buildings represent prominent individuals along with rich and poor storylines. As the largest Richmond employer and second largest Virginia institution, the history should be live! This project aims to create a VCU Museum using history boxes and trails to voice the story of VCU's past, present and future.


This proposal suggests installing history boxes in prominent buildings across both campuses to create a VCU Museum. Each history box would have a button for constituents to press and hear a description of the historical significance the building adds to the University. If there is a building that honors a living legend such as the Trani Building or Wilder Building, then the individuals would provide a narrative. Once all data is gathered, the history trail information will be used to create an app and a web page detailing the selected buildings’ historical contexts. For example, the Ginter House that accommodates the Provost Office has visible tobacco pipes on the exterior. The app narrative would discuss Mr. Ginter and the modern-day building use along with an added tease for guests to locate the tobacco pipes. A curator would record the living legends' narrations of the building to add to the website along with historians telling unique, vibrant stories!

What do I need to get it done:

This project could collaborate with the da Vinci Center and pitch the significance of students designing history boxes to build tradition at their University. Additionally, VCU Libraries historians are needed to provide research and determine the best buildings to include on the trail. A curator is needed to ensure execution and promote innovation.