Demiq Media - by Roy Roach III


Majority of higher education professionals are not senior administrators and are under the age of 45. Existing print and online platforms do not speak to the lifestyle and professional development needs for millennials in higher education. Today’s professionals need resources that are tailored, practical, and fresh.


It is time a platform is created to give a voice to those with diverse perspectives who also do cool things outside of their 9-5. Demiq is a response to the void in the market where content will be created for the front-line educator who may be an academic advisor, and an aspiring university president or even the next Steve Jobs. Therefore, Demiq is a digital publication that will equip the new generation of higher education professionals with fresh content and tools to build tomorrow’s leading colleges and universities, and become the best version of themselves.

What do I need to get it done:

To launch Demiq, the following are needed; software, content creators, website designer, and event planner.