Project Coordinator - by Kayla Diggs Brody


There are hundreds of murals in Richmond but they can be difficult to find for both Richmond locals and out of town guests. The last time a map of Richmond murals was produced was in 2013 by, we need an update! There are several other blog based sites that have started maps but they are incomplete. The local artists of Richmond and visiting artists from around the world should receive the recognition they deserve for contributing to the fame Richmond has received for becoming a mural destination.


My proposal is to develop an open source, free, interactive mural map that can be updated by anyone in the Richmond community and visitors to the city. It would be really cool if the map could be integrated with Instagram somehow so that when you add a mural to the map and enter the artists' tag, it incorporates info from that artists Insta bio. Various stakeholders from the Richmond arts and mural community, tourism entities, and local media sources (artists, galleries, museums, magazines, local businesses and nonprofits, the City, etc.) could be involved as well as Art Whino, the creator of Richmond Mural Project. There could be contests and community based initiatives, such as competitive scavenger hunts and history tours, to generate the propose mural map. Depending on the timeline requirements for this project, the initial announcement and push for this product could be aligned with the RVA Street Art Festival in April 2020.

What do I need to get it done:

Website development, web based platform integration, seasoned mural hunters, selection of the best collaborative web based map making sites