Health-Conscious Lip Care Product Line - by Briana Williams


Despite increasingly diverse representation in the media, girls and women, especially of color, worldwide are struggling with self-esteem, confidence to pursue leadership roles, and pressures of perfectionism. According to the National Report on Self-Esteem, 98% of girls feel there is an immense pressure from external sources to look a certain way. In fact, the Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report found that just 4% of women worldwide consider themselves “beautiful.” In a KPMG Women’s Leadership study, 73% of women lacked the confidence to pursue a job opportunity beyond their experience. In addition, 69% of women and 65% of girls cited increasing pressures from advertising and media as a major contributor to their appearance anxiety. Last year alone, the U.S. cosmetics market grew by over $1 billion. The problem is not the make-up industry. The problem is the perception that girls and women need to wear it daily and use several expensive products to feel and look beautiful.


When faced with health issues and low self-esteem as a young girl of color, one of the few things that made me feel beautiful was my lip gloss. I was too young to wear make-up and lip gloss was the only age-appropriate option that helped to show my personality and build my confidence to feel beautiful in life situations. As an adult, I found a love for lipstick for similar reasons. Due to sensitive skin and the expense associated with quality make-up products, lipstick makes it simple to use one product. This is why I plan to create a health-conscious lip care product line that celebrates, inspires, empowers, and uplifts girls and women of all ages; helping them to realize they do not need to wear tons of make-up to feel and look beautiful. The lip care products would be accessible, affordable and simple. The lip care brand would exist to help instill self-esteem, enhance natural beauty and inspire confidence in the voice of girls and women despite the pressures of everyday life.

What do I need to get it done:

In order to launch the lip care product line, I would need assistance with creating an in-depth business plan as well as finding a cosmetic chemist or development lab to assist in formula creation for the product line. In addition, I would need assistance with start-up capital to move forward with the formulation process and production of the lip care line.